Publications, published by Dacapo Records Records

Orchestral works

  • The Symphonic Edition Vol. 1 | CD 8.226146 | (2011)
  • The Symphonic Edition Vol. 2 | CD 8.226147 | (2013)
    Riisager’s orchestra music, dating back to the 1920s and 1930s, represents a chaotic confusion of brilliance and temperaments. Festivity, flippancy and future fervency.
  • The Symphonic Edition Vol. 3 | CD 8.226148 | (2014)
  • Orkesterværker | CD 8.224082 | (1997)
    Riisager’s music is blessed with the same esprit as his French ideals – not least in his catching ballet music from the 1930s.
  • SACD 6.220584 | (2010)
    A sparkling SACH republication of Riisager’s most colourful neoclassical works.
Violin works
  • SACD 6.220594 | (2012)
  • Violin Concerto – Etudes | CD 8.226145 | (2018)
  • Violin Works | (2013)
    The violin was Riisager’s personal instrument, and in his violin works we encounter his unsurpassed, mischievous personality – in the most direct manner.
Ballet music
  • Benzin
  • SACD 6.220527 | (2008)
    First recording ever of this batty and wonderfully outrageous ballet from 1928.
  • Qarrtsiluni
  • Månerenen (The moon reindeer)
  • CD 8.226022 | (2005)
    The formidable Greenland orchestral explosion, Qarrtsiluni, and the masterpiece, The moon reindeer.
Chamber music
  • CD 8.224081 | (1997)
    Sharp and acute music by Denmark’s most brilliant composer of the 1920s.
Piano works
  • CD 8.226004 | (2004)
    Highly praised CD with Riisager’s accentuated and witty piano music from the mid-20th century
The picture book
  • CD 8.224703 | (2005)
    Piano music for children and the young at heart, written by for instance Carl Nielsen and Fini Henriques.

Selected publications by other record companies

  • CHAN 9432
    Riisager Études, Quartsiluni Opus 36, Symphony Orchestra Gennady Rozhdestvensky Chandos | (1995).
  • Etudes SLS 842
    London festival ballet gala
    Night Shadow Études.
Children’s songs
  • What are they singing about, Folkeskolens Musiklærerforening (The association of music teachers in Danish elementary schools): FM-CD-173, by DANISCO | (1995).
  • The wheels on the bus by ELAP, Grethe Mogensen and Dragørbørnene (The children from Dragør) Copyright EMI-Medley A/S | (1996).

Publications on Knudåge Riisager (available in the Danish (or Swedish) language only)

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Reproduction of the list by the kind permission of Claus Røllum Larsen.